Touch has a Memory series 触碰是有记忆的系列

2019 –2022
Archival inkjet prints in Nielsen
aluminum frames

( ongoing )


该系列是一部周期性的视觉日记,试图在个人视角下探索缺失感和亲密关系。作品中紧绷的肢体,微妙的身体语言被脆弱而诗意的触碰所缓和, 一切物体看似亲密、缠绕,无法分离,同时暗示着紧张、不安且充满未知的气氛。照片直觉性地捕捉了当时事物表面的状态,隐藏和揭示了潜在的记忆和情感共鸣。

Touch has a memory, a visual diary explores intimate relationship and sense of absence, the gesture of touch softens rigid limb while speaks to body language. Subject of body seemingly close and tangible but also conveys anxiety and unknown. The artist intuitively captures the present of being of things, to further reveal the memory and emotion under the skin.