‘Night is coming, but the rocks are still warm’ ,2022

Sliver gelatin print

“那时,他望了好一会儿,然后才掉头走开。我还记得自己一直蹲在树上,痴 痴地看着那双橘色的塑胶拖鞋慢慢离去,发出干燥的沙沙声。接着,我清清楚 楚地看到自己蜷缩在树上,我看见自己用一种很陌生的姿势躲在一个阴暗寂寞 的角落里,我哭了。”

作品灵感来源于袁哲生的短篇小说《寂寞的游戏》,创作围绕身体和凝视,基 于触觉感知和视觉的感官体验,自我对应外在环境时的心理状态:从蜷缩/ 躲 藏在黑暗处的身体到感知外在世界的柔软光亮 —— 发着微光却又一片漆黑。 通过图像对外在事物的细微动静进行感官的收集。试图用画面隐喻在孤独隔绝 的处境下,其精神状态中的身体姿态和对外在处境的反应。

“He stared for a while, then turned and walked away. I remember perching in the tree, watching those orange plastic slippers slowly recede, making a dry rustling sound. Then I clearly saw myself curled up in the tree, in a unfamiliar posture, hiding in a dark, lonely corner. I cried.

This piece is inspired by the short story "Lonely Game" by Yuan Zhesheng. It explores the themes of the body and gaze, tactile sensations and visual experiences, and the psychological state that arises when the self corresponds to the external environment - from the curled up/hidden body in the dark to the perception of the soft, luminous yet pitch black outer world. Through imagery, it collects the subtle movements of external objects and aims to use the visual to metaphorize the bodily posture and external response within a state of lonely isolation. ”