陈清扬 Chen Qingyang

陈清扬(b.1995),伦敦艺术大学摄影纯艺术硕士,独立摄影师,现工作生活于上海和伦敦。作品曾参加伦敦摄影博览会 Photo London(2021),奥克兰摄影节 Auckland Festival of Photography (2021),韩国光州艺术节 Gwangju international Art Fair(2020)等。她的作品以摄影为主要创作媒介,研究女性表达中超越传统性别的感官理解。基于触觉感知,捕捉动作、身体与个人情绪之间的关系,用影像来回应对外部世界的主观体验。

Qingyang Chen (b.1995) is a photographer based in Shanghai and London. She received her MA  degree from University of Arts London (2020). Her work has exhibited in China, South Korea, New Zealand, and the UK. She also attended Photo London (2021), Auckland Festival of Photography (2021), and Gwangju International Art Fair (2020).

Followed by tactile sensory within common experience, Qingyang’s practice is informed by the ordinary sense to create a vision that apart from traditional gender perspective. Tactility offers a perception to reveal the relationship between gesture, body and private emotion, as well as a bridge to approach the external world.

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