‘Surface’ 2019

Video Installation (15mins ) with handmade book

This project is a dual video system to be presented as the final. The work was carried out in collaboration with six artists of the original Art Association. Artists in the coastline of two countries with their own performing arts, put forward the problems existing in contemporary society. ‘In the social jungle of human existence, there is no feeling of being alive without a sense of identity.’ -Erik Erikson. Artists experience and come up with the idea of ‘internal vision’ in such an oriental way to find and create a new self-identification.

‘I walk alone on the edge of the sea, I saw a white wave coming towards me, At that time, I wanted to approach them. When the sound approached, I can not get rid of. ’

—Qingyang Chen

‘When you and I met…The sea is such a mystery.’

— Ryan Sun.

‘I was walking towards the sun, water and horizon. Felt the warmness of light on my skin, Sounds of wave was found but I fund water under my foot comforting. I stood there and my breathing and sounds of waves started synchronized. I was still there but I became part of a whole, I was reminded that I was a part of this large picture. Empowering.’

—Yukari Kaihori

  ‘To stand barefoot on the edge of change, toes in the sand, face to the ocean. Let go, surrender to the waves as comfort and fear crash in together.’

—Juliet Black

‘I was there waiting to be accepted… and then all the hesitation gone. Only seeing the bright blue. All hesitation gone.’

—Frankie Chu

‘Collaborating as part of vision left me feeling connected to nature, myself and to humanity. Grounded by the ocean and expanded form creating something totally new and out of my comfort zone.’

—Nelly Katelyn